About Me

Hello, my name is Elizabeth Dave and I'm the owner of Kundan Sets. I started this business in 2017 when I had a hard time finding the right vendor to make Indian bridal jewelry I wanted. Eventually I found someone that promised to make the jewelry set but it took 5 months to make when I was promised that it would be done in two months. Eventually, I received the items two weeks before my wedding date with a few quality issues. My bridal waist chain was too small and I wasn't able to wear it. On the day of my wedding, both of my haath phools broke before my wedding even started. Needless to say I was not happy with how the whole process was after I placed my order. No one should have to pay for jewelry just for it to fall apart on the day of your event. Once my wedding was over, I started searching for someone who made high quality products. It was a bumpy road but I finally was able to manage it. 

I knew when I started this business, I wanted my customers to have a safe way to pay for their products without using Western Union or bank transfers like most vendors do. This is a great way for them to take your money and not give you the product or quality you were looking for. To this day, I only accept credit or debit card payments from my customers. I even offer a no interest payment plan and a 3-36 month financing plan for everyone. You can learn more about my payment plans here

Another thing I noticed while shopping for bridal jewelry was that no one offered refunds if I was not happy with it. Why would I pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars on an item that I can't even return if I don't like it? I made sure that all of my customers are able to get a refund on any jewelry set they are not happy with. You can review my refund policy here

My goal is to make you happy with any jewelry set available on my website. Feel free to send me an email for any questions! I typically respond in just a few hours.