Latest Sabyasachi Jewelry Collection

Oct 13th 2017

Have you seen Sabyasachi's latest collection when it comes to jewelry? The latest Sabyasachi jewelry is completely drool worthy! With the pink hues and gorgeous chokers you just can't go wrong. & … read more

Anushree Reddy Jewelry

Posted by Elizabeth Dave on Oct 8th 2017

It's not everyday that one of your brides is wearing your favorite designer lehenga by Anushree Reddy. That's why it's super important to pair the best jewelry with any bridal lehenga. Check out what … read more

Kishandas and Co by Sabyasachi Jewellery

Aug 16th 2017

We are super excited to announce Sabyasachi inspired jewellery to our collection!! We all know that Sabyasachi and Kishandas and Co make beautiful gold jewellery that any bride would love to have on h … read more

Which earrings best suit you?

Posted by Nicky B on May 23rd 2017

Choosing the right earrings is a little more complex than you think. Not only are you choosing between colors, style and metal, but you should also consider your face type before picking up your next … read more
What's the Difference Between Polki and Kundan Jewelry?

What's the Difference Between Polki and Kundan Jewelry?

Posted by Nicky B on Feb 17th 2017

I'm sure many of you have received jewelry as gifts from loved ones and have flaunted them at every occasion possible. Traditionally, Indian brides receive Indian jewelry as gifts from her in-laws and … read more
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