Sabyasachi Chokers to Drool Over

Posted by Elizabeth Dave on Aug 19, 2019

Even when Sabyasachi and Kishandas created timeless pieces together, they were still beautiful and completely drool-worthy. However, when Sabyasachi separated and went his own way, his craftsmanship w … read more

How To Look Out For Scammers

Posted by Elizabeth Dave on Jul 09, 2019

Scammers can be very sneaky when it comes to taking your money, Most of us have come into contact with a scammer whether they realize it or not. Some scams are obvious but what about the ones located … read more

Watch out for scammers!

Posted by Elizabeth Dave on Jul 08, 2019

As you know, the internet is filled with people trying to scam you every way they can. We even get scammed as well even though we know what to look out for. Here is our most recent scam that we fought … read more

Katrina Kaif in Sabyasachi Jewelry

Jun 18, 2019

Did you notice Katrina kaif in our all time favorite Sabyasachi choker set? She looks absolutely stunning in this 22k gold necklace set studded with kundan stones and diamonds. This choker would compl … read more

Namaste Easy Collection by Sabyasachi

May 31, 2019

It's a fact that we all know Sabyasachi jewelry has the best kundan designer pieces. Sabyasachi Namaste Easy collection has a wide variety of pieces ranging from big bridal kundan sets to more small a … read more