Different Types of Kundan Jewelry - What to know

Sep 06, 2019

Kundan Jewelry

Did you know there are different types of kundan "stones"? Below you will find a list on the different types. 

1 - Plastic kundan - You will see vendors claiming they are selling kundan but in reality the "stones" are made up of plastic. These jewelry sets are usually made with mixed metals that will turn your skin green if worn too long. They usually break very easily and discolor but are great for a inexpensive option. 

2- Glass Kundan - It's great in terms of quality. The clearer the glass looks the higher the quality is. Glass kundan sets are normally adorned with meenakari on the back of the jewelry. These sets are more pricey than plastic kundan but they will last a lot longer and look more luxurious. These stones do tend to fall out every once in awhile so be careful to not drop the set. 

3 - Jadau Kundan - This is the best imitation kundan you can get. It has a beautiful sparkle that you wont find in plastic or glass. This type of kundan almost looks like the real diamond but still keeps you within budget compared to the real deal. Here at Kundan Sets, we offer jadau kundan. 

4 - Diamond Kundan - The real kundan stones are made out of uncut diamonds usually on 24k gold with a meenakari on the back of the set. Jewelry sets typically start in the thousands so expect a large budget if you can afford the real thing.