Glass and Jadau Kundan - What's The Difference?

May 30, 2019

Glass kundan is the second best imitation kundan you can find. It is made a little bit differently by having more of a cloudy kundan stone and is accompanied by meenakari work on the bottom to hide the imperfections of adhering the stones to the brass. Glass kundan is a very popular option for a well quality build and a much lower cost than it's partner jadau kundan. 

Jadau kundan is the best imitation kundan you can find. The stones are shinier and more crystal clear and doesn't require a meenakari bottom to it. Jadau kundan is a separate process than glass by having gold flakes around the metal portion that's holding in the stones. This is the number one option that most of our customers tend to get as it gives you the luxurious feel and looks better.