How To Look Out For Scammers

Posted by Elizabeth Dave on Jul 09, 2019

Scammers can be very sneaky when it comes to taking your money, Most of us have come into contact with a scammer whether they realize it or not. Some scams are obvious but what about the ones located in a different country  selling the product or service you are looking for? 

Most sellers will try to scam you with fake images they claim is theirs. They typically do not have a website and try to increase their followers on Facebook and Instagram. They will post a bunch of images that look a like to try and get you comfortable enough to buy their product and believe those images are theirs. 

Another red flag is how they accept the payment method. A lot of these scammers will only accept payment by gift cards or bank transfers. The reason they only do this payment method is because it can't be traced back to them for gift cards or the funds can't be taken back out by bank transfer. If you happened to get scammed through a bank transfer you WILL NOT get your money back if you do not receive your product or receive a product that isn't as described. 

The only way to protect yourself from any online transaction is by using your debit or credit card. You can always call your credit/debit card company and request a refund on the product you did not receive or was not as described. Another great option is to use Paypal to give you an extra step of protection. 

Overall, if you feel they are not being truthful or you do not feel 100% comfortable buying from them then don't do it. Listen to your gut instinct that something isn't right. You will be thankful!!

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- If images seem inconsistent on backgrounds the website/social media, they could be trying to scam you 

- Never accept bank transfers/Western Union as a payment method. You can't file a claim and get your money back.

- Trust your get instinct if you feel something isn't right!