My Bride Chandana

Posted by Elizabeth Dave on Feb 08, 2020

Kundan Sets Bride

Back in July of 2019, my bride Chandana bought her engagement set from me. Even though when she ordered that set, it ended up arriving the day before her flight. I was in a panic and desperate that it would arrive on time even though she told me it would be okay if it didn't. I honestly wasn't expecting her to come back a few months later to order her bridal jewelry when her engagement set barely arrived on time but by some miracle she did. We always talked on Whatsapp about her wedding, other vendors, and what's going on in our personal life. During this time, we became friends that I hope lasts a lifetime!

Can I say that this girl is amazing!! Not only only does she have two super cute puppies but she also saves lives as her profession. I can only imagine her husband has to be a equally tough, kick ass guy who will treat her like a queen. I wish the best future for her and her family as they start their new adventure as husband and wife. 

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