Sabyasachi Winter Collection 2019

Nov 18, 2019

Sabyasachi Winter Collection 2019

As always, Sabyasachi is coming out with his 2019 Winter collection of diamond jewelry paired with beautiful cut emeralds and rubies. His collection is adorned with Zambian emeralds with fine and rose cut diamonds along with Mozambique rubies. 

Sabyasachi diamond necklace

This necklace a shaped diamond necklace with a 37 carat pear shaped Zambian emerald. 

Sabyasachi Jewellery

Heart shaped solitaire Riviera 10 carat diamond necklace. 

sabyasachi winter collection 2019

This necklace has emerald cut diamonds highlighted with briolettes. It's paired with a 17 carat Emerald cut diamond ring set between 2 trillion ruse cut diamonds. 

You can contact the Sabyasachi team for a quote or you can get a a similar piece