Watch out for scammers!

Posted by Elizabeth Dave on Jul 08, 2019

As you know, the internet is filled with people trying to scam you every way they can. We even get scammed as well even though we know what to look out for. Here is our most recent scam that we fought hard to get out of and thankfully won <3. 

Over the last few months I have been trying to expand the floral side of the business. I checked marked all of my boxes with my new floral jewelry suppliers by looking out for fake images they claim is theirs and making sure they only take credit card payments. I never ever send out a bank transfer to suppliers when I first start doing business with them for a good reason. This is how is all started...

First I was told the items would be done by a certain date. Once that date arrived I followed up and realized it still wasn't done. I placed a big order so I figured my items were going to be late so I waited  a few more weeks. 

After waiting an additional month for my items, I started to follow up more often and request a shipping date. She told me they were shipping out this week but never gave me any tracking number (Red flag #1). A few weeks later I still haven't received my items and started to get irritated. I followed back up and didn't receive a message for over a week (Red flag #2) Once I followed up again she finally responded and said she has been in the hospital (Red flag #3) Even though it was two months past the promised shipping date I gave her the benefit of the doubt and gave her another two weeks to ship my items. 

Once the two weeks were up without a response from her, I filed a Paypal claim and won. She never responded to the Paypal claim as it wasn't her account as she is under 18 (Red flag #4 & #5) Two days after I received my refund, she sent the package and wouldn't cancel the shipment. I told her I would be rejecting the package as soon as I received it. Once I received the package there was no number on the address to send the shipment back. I was forced to keep the package. 

Once I opened the package tons of beads and floral parts came flying out before I even opened the actual items. Once I opened the items I realized I only received less than half of my order and one product I didn't even buy from her. 

Over all, this person scammed even someone as experienced as me. It can happen to anyone including you! Please make sure to always pay by credit card and not bank transfer. You can always get your money back through a credit card but not from a bank transfer. 

Images below of the items I received. All beads will be glued back together as best as I can. All items are for sale at a 1/4 of the price I paid for them. These items are non refundable and are sold as is. They include a necklace, haath phool, tikka, and earrings. Prices are listed on the image in USD and do not include the shipping charge. Please email us to place your order.