What You Need to Know About Purchasing From Kundan & Polki Vendors

Mar 19, 2018

When it comes to purchasing any jewelry online we all want the best quality jewelry at the most affordable price but how can we keep our money safe at the same time? No matter how much money you spend on jewelry we never want to deal with a shady vendor especially when it comes to your wedding day. So how can you protect yourself from these vendors? Here are a few key notes to be aware of. 

1. Most Indian vendors deal with Western Union transfers. Not only do they not have to pay taxes to the government but you can never get your money back unless they send you a Western Union transfer and almost all vendors will not do that. Once they have your money you may never hear or see from them again. This isn't the case for all vendors but there is still a high risk.

2.Most vendors will not take credit card payments but if they do make sure it's a real website if they send you a invoice. Google the name and make sure the word "Fraud" or "Scam"  doesn't come up. If they take credit cards most vendors will use Paypal or Square. Be aware that the vendor may charge you more for using a credit card because if the credit card company fees they add on for every purchase. You should never have to pay extra for credit card fees. That's up to the business to pay the fees and not you.

3.  If a vendor is taking Western Union payments they probably do not have a website. Websites or social media platforms that have review capabilities are very important. If a past customer was not satisfied with their products they can leave a review but if a review isn't possible to write because they don't have a place to review their business you could fall into a trap. Always make sure the vendor you are purchasing from has a website or Facebook page. If you can't get your money back or if you have a terrible experience you can at least warn other people.

Overall, if they seem shady more and likely they probably are. Always ask lots of questions and have everything in writing. Have any questions? We are happy to help!