Which earrings best suit you?

Posted by Nicky B on May 23, 2017

Choosing the right earrings is a little more complex than you think. Not only are you choosing between colors, style and metal, but you should also consider your face type before picking up your next earrings set. Here's a guide we put together to help you make the right decision for your next purchase.

These guidelines will help you choose earrings that not only flatters your features but also complements your face type.

Oval Face

Earrings for  Oval Face 

Best earrings: Teardrop style and long, dangling earrings in oval shape. 

Generally, Oval shaped faces have versatility in what they can wear so almost any earrings looks great on them!

Heart Face

Earrings for Heart Face 

Best earrings: long teardrops, curvy & chandelier styles

Square Face

Earrings for Square Face

Best earrings: circular shapes, medium to long length style, avoid square or diamond shapes.

Narrow Face

Earrings for Narrow Face

Best earrings: short dangles, studs, pearls & round shapes.

Diamond Face

Earrings for Diamond Face

Best earrings: long dangling style with soft curves.

Round Face

Earrings for Round Face

Best earrings: elongated teardrop, long earrings & dangles.