Brand Ambassadors

Do you love kundan jewelry? Would you like to receive store credit to purchase you're favorite jewelry? Are you very active on social media? If so, you may be a good Kundan Sets Brand Ambassador. This is a great opportunity for existing and potential customers to be apart of helping to grow a great brand.

Exceptional Brand Ambassadors may be invited to extend their term :)


Brand Ambassador Duties and Rewards
- Earn at least $100USD in store credit a month. Store credits must be used once you hit $1000USD. 
- Get 40% off any jewelry on the website with your own personal coupon code that does not expire. 

- Required to post 2 product images a week on Instagram, either your own image or a repost of Kundan Sets using a hashtag strategy emailed to you. Images must be modeled as full frontal close ups that show the details of the necklace, earrings, and tikka. 

- Comment on 10 "ideal customer" posts per week (Women, ages 20-35, located in the US, UK, Australia, or Canada) recommending Kundan Sets on Indian themed Instagram profiles, make sure you tag @kundansets in your post :)

- Notate in your bio you are a brand ambassador for Kundan Sets.

- Hashtag strategies will be emailed to you in a separate document.

- Store credit will be awarded at the end of the 30 day term. 

- Exceptional brand ambassadors may receive additional rewards!

- Failure to meet the minimum requirements will result in not receiving the monthly reward.

- Brand ambassadors will receive a custom hashtag that is assigned to them for tracking purposes.


 - All product images taken with the Brand Ambassador will be copyrighted by Kundan Sets and will be used on social media and the website. 


- The Brand Ambassador job can be paused or terminated at any time for no reason. Full payment payout will be given credit to for the month. 


- Your Instagram account will need to be public while you are a Brand Ambassador.


 Non Disclosure Agreement

To be a Brand Ambassador you must agree to this NDA (non-disclosure agreement), stating you will not use Kundan Sets marketing strategies to implement in your business. You agree not to disclose them with others, either by sharing or selling. Violating this NDA means that legal action may be pursued against you. The party who reveals confidential information could be sued for damages, be forced to pay back lost profits, and in some cases,be held in contempt of court (which could lead to criminal charges).



This non-compete clause (NCC) is effective when you are selected as a brand ambassador. For 2 years after you are a brand ambassador, you shall not directly or indirectly solicit business from, attempt to sell, license or provide, the same or similar products as are now provided to, any customers or clients of Kundan Sets. You shall not at any time disclose the above strategy, in any manner, either directly or indirectly, for the use for the personal benefit.It is agreed that if a Brand Ambassador violates the terms of this agreement, irreparable harm may occur, and financial compensation will be pursued. Please don't be a dishonest jerk and make me legally enforce the above NDA and NCC in court. You're signature will be required before moving forward. 
You will automatically be disqualified if you do not answer all of the questions below. 
How often do you post on social media?
Why would you be a good Kundan Sets Ambassador?
How do you help out your local community?
What's your favorite jewelry set? 
Please list all of your social media accounts/usernames (Must be public to participate)